Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB) Certification


Yellow Belts usually manage projects of smaller scope with shortened expected completion times. They participate on teams led by a Green Belt or Black Belt and there may be several Yellow Belts and/or Green Belts on a team.

Yellow Belts learn to identify wastes and "see" the hidden factory losses. They are also expected to a have a basic understanding of statistical tools but usually do not get involved in creating and managing DOE's.

Yellow Belt - Online Course

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Earn your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification from our partner affiliate and industry leader in Lean Six Sigma training. This course offers coverage of the Define, Measure, and Control phases in Six Sigma Methodology.

Through eLearning modules that are professionally narrated and interactive quizzes, you will receive the best online Yellow Belt certification. The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification will prepare you for a deeper understanding of Six Sigma, providing you opportunities to better attack projects in your career.

You will be well prepared to converse and pace with progress and direction of certified Black Belt and Green Belts, as they work through even the most advanced Six Sigma projects.

Training Features:

  • eLearning Professionally Developed
  • 10 Engaging Quizzes
  • Test Define, Measure, and Control Phases
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam

System Features:

  • Perpetual System Access
  • 24/7 Online Access to Portal Group
  • Private Chat Forums
  • Glossary Tools
  • Templates for Professional Use
  • "How to" Articles

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Yellow Belt Material - Download

Yellow Belt PowerPoint Material
Yellow Belt PDF Material

Order this downloadable Yellow Belt curriculum in .pptx or .pdf which includes the following: Click on one of the two logos above for .pptx or .pdf options. 

  • Aligned to CSSC, ASQ, and IASSC BOKs
  • Content packaged in a zip file with the core curriculum in one .pptx file
  • Curriculum Page Count: >500
  • Dozens of templates, tables and other tools in xlsx, docx, and pdf format
  • Hypothesis Testing Roadmap, Control Charts Roadmap, DMAIC Roadmap

Typical Yellow Belt Certification Requirements

Certificate programs are less rigorous than Green Belt or Black Belt programs and usually consist of the following: 

  • 2-3 days of training with cost ranging from $500-$750
  • Participation in at least one Six Sigma project
  • Evidence using project management tools
  • Evidence showing basic application of statistics
  • Evidence of understanding the Lean principles
  • Written examination

This site has over 100 example certification problems available for subscribers of this site. Many of the problems have further explanations along with additional developmental material that can be found within this site.

Yellow Belt Certification Topics

Yellow Belt Certification usually requires knowledge or execution of the following tools:

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