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Latest additional content related to the Six Sigma methodology and enhancing the performance of Six Sigma Project Managers.

Process Capability Indices

Determing the process capability indices, Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk, Cpm

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Six Sigma Calculator, Statistics Tables, and Six Sigma Templates

Six Sigma Calculators, Statistics Tables, and Six Sigma Templates to make your job easier as a Six Sigma Project Manager

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Six Sigma Templates, Statistics Tables, and Six Sigma Calculators

Six Sigma Templates, Tables, and Calculators. MTBF, MTTR, A3, EOQ, 5S, 5 WHY, DPMO, FMEA, SIPOC, RTY, DMAIC Contract, OEE, Value Stream Map, Pugh Matrix

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Six Sigma, Six Sigma Training, Courses, Calculators, Certification

One site with the most common Six Sigma material, videos, examples, calculators, courses, and certification.

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Cpk is the most common short term capability index. Calculations and comparisons to other capability indexes.

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Creating a SIPOC in the Define phase, a high level process map.

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Value Stream Mapping, VSM, process mapping

Value Stream Mapping: Creating and Reading a VSM, Download Value Stream Map Icons and Symbols

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t-distribution, t-test

Exploring the t-distribution and t-test, 1 sample t-test, 2 sample t-test

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Six Sigma Certification, Green Belt and Black Belt Certification

Describes the types of Six Sigma certification as Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt

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Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma Certifications and Courses.

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Six Sigma Templates, Tables, and Calculators

Templates, Tables, and Calculators to help Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing project managers.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Unichrone has organized a 5-day, full-time, interactive, TUV-SUD Accredited Six Sigma Green Belt certification training course, Register for this 5-day

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Binomial Distribution

Explaining the Binomial Distribution with examples.

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Open careers in Six Sigma

The latest job openings from a comprehensive list of job posting sites related to Six Sigma.

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Process Mapping

Commonly used tool in most Six Sigma project to map the actual flow of a process, product, people, information, and more.

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