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This site doesn't offer specific courses and certification. This site is designed to supplement your training and be your full-time resource. 

You can teach yourself at your own pace and practice with the examples throughout the hundreds of pages and modules in the site.

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When you're ready, we have a 180+ practice certification exam that covers Black and Green Belt level topics within Lean Six Sigma. 

Six Sigma Practice Questions

This practice exam is to help prepare an aspiring Green Belt or Black Belt for a Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing certification exam. Many of the questions come with explanations and links within for further research.

These questions cover topics and tools within:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Project Management

All of these topics are likely to show up on a certification exam. It's not only important to know the right answer but also understand why the other responses are not other words, be well-rounded.

Upon your purchase, we will be notified by PayPal within a few hours (usually). We will then email you the latest version within 48 hours. We strive to continuously improve the test questions to keep them relevant. 


Recent Articles

  1. Process Capability Indices

    Oct 18, 21 09:32 AM

    Process Capability Overview
    Determing the process capability indices, Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk, Cpm

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  2. Six Sigma Calculator, Statistics Tables, and Six Sigma Templates

    Sep 14, 21 09:19 AM

    MTBF and MTTR Template Picture
    Six Sigma Calculators, Statistics Tables, and Six Sigma Templates to make your job easier as a Six Sigma Project Manager

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  3. Six Sigma Templates, Statistics Tables, and Six Sigma Calculators

    Aug 16, 21 01:25 PM

    MTBF and MTTR Template Picture
    Six Sigma Templates, Tables, and Calculators. MTBF, MTTR, A3, EOQ, 5S, 5 WHY, DPMO, FMEA, SIPOC, RTY, DMAIC Contract, OEE, Value Stream Map, Pugh Matrix

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