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MTBF and MTTR Calculator

MTBF and MTTR Calculator

OEE Calculator

OEE Calculator

Value Stream Mapping Symbols

Value Stream Map Symbols

5S Scorecard & Radar Chart

5S Template

5-WHY Template

5 WHY Template

Rolled Throughput Yield Template

RTY Calculator

Correlation Matrix Template

Correlation Matrix

FMEA Template

FMEA Template

SIPOC Template

SIPOC Template

DPO / DPMO Calculator
Also converts to a sigma score

DPMO Calculator

Takt Time Calculator

Takt Time Calculator

DMAIC Project Contract

DMAIC Contract

Control Plan Template

Control Plan Template

A3 Template

A3 Template

Margin of Error Calculator
for Means and Proportions

Margin of Error Calculator

Pugh Matrix

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1-Way Anova Test

Chi-Square Test

Correlation and Regression

Control Plan


Error Proofing

Statistics in Excel

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