"Your" Page

This feature offers a personalized web page for you to add your own material, study guides, notes, spreadsheets, and files related to your Six Sigma project.

This one-time payment option is available to subscribers (members) only. 

"Your" page will be effective as long as your membership is active. This means you could use it for a month or up to several years for one price....as long as the membership is active.

Example screenshots

A separate page will be created for you within 1-2 business days. Once the page is created you will be directed to it automatically after logging into your account. A dialog box will request your password one more time and then "Your" page will appear. 

We can create your page to flow with the DMAIC methodology. 

If you purchased the Templates and Calculators there will be a section for them and we will load them on your page (and you will get them by email). As you use them and complete them during the course of your project, you can send them in and we will load them to the applicable section. 

Any files you wish to add shall be emailed to:


Acceptable files extensions are:

  • Excel (.xlsx, .xls) and Word (.docx, .doc)
  • Video files (.avi, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv)
  • Powerpoint presentations (.pps and .ppt)
  • PDFs (.pdf) files
  • text (.txt) files
  • Pictures/Images (.jpg, .gif, .png)

Once on "Your" page, members can download the files to review and modify. However, any changes made can not be saved directly on the website. The file can be submitted to us and we will re-upload the file. 

Excel and Word files will be put into a .zip file. We will create a link on the page that you can click to download the .zip file and your Excel and/or Word files will be found within the folder. 

We will organize your submitted them in a manner that you instruct us or we will strive to organize the files accordance to the DMAIC or DFSS sequence. 

The web page itself isn't editable by the member. We will create a template and upload files as they are received. We will strive to upload files within 24-48 hours and take your direction (if supplied) to load in a manner that best organizes them for you to use. If we don't get direction, we will use our judgment to determine where the file is best suited. We can also add a Title to the page that matches your Project Charter. 

Each file size is limited to a maximum size of 1MB. Total storage permitted is 5MB. Maximum number of files is 50 at any point in time. 

Minimize pictures, animation, and use methods to reduce the size of files to help maximize your use of the page. You can notify us if you want a file removed to free up space. 

We reserve all rights to screen and upload material that we determine is relevant. We are not responsible for inconsequential or consequential damages that may be caused by, but not limited to, system errors, website downtime, malfunction, loss of material, changes in material, or mistakes made during the upload or download process.

Do not provide confidential or proprietary information. It is highly recommended that files are protected whenever possible before submitting. Also, save your files in another location (always a good idea anyway!). Upon a suspended or inactive membership, files and all records within your page will not be accessible and may be permanently deleted. Your page will last as long as the membership is active and subscription payment is current. 

We want to make this a useful tool for you. Will work with you to add/remove files and content with as much flexibility as possible. However, the maximum amount of time we will dedicate to a page is 10 hours/year.

Any further questions can be directed to:


Get started with "Your" Page!

One time payment: $39.00 USD

If you are seeing this page, click here to learn more about the membership options. Upon confirmation of membership you will have the option to purchase "Your" Page.

If you are a member, login and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase.

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