Six Sigma Certification

Certification Types

Depending on your career aspirations within Six Sigma there are various types of certifications. Obviously some are more intense than others, more difficult, more time consuming, and more rewarding in terms of pay.

Internal company provided Six Sigma training and certification

  • Many companies such as GE, Allstate, Textron, have or had their own internal programs and certification system. Search Six Sigma Job Postings for more

Certification from recognized body

  • The most recognized certification bodies are the ASQ, IASSC, and Villanova.
  • There are thousands of other vendors, schools, organizations that offer certifications. These three are most widely recognized but doesn't necessarily mean they are the best.

In some cases you may elect to get both. For obvious reasons your company certification is required but having a certification from a well recognized body as well may boost your value when it comes to competing for the next level job.

Prices vary widely too among providers as well as the type of training. Some include an actual project, some have classroom instruction and others are on-line. some will require more hours of training than others.

Usually, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Take time and do your research on the various options. 

Comparing ASQ and IASSC


IASSC Yellow Belt Review

IASSC Green Belt Review

IASSC Black Belt Review


ASQ Yellow Belt Review

ASQ Green Belt Review

ASQ Black Belt Review

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