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  1. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification - Live-Online Training

    May 20, 17 07:06 PM

    This course is designed to get participants prepared for the LSSBB (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) Exam conducted by IASSC (International Association for Six

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  2. Six Sigma Material

    Mar 20, 17 07:14 PM

    One source that links the most commonly used Six Sigma material with examples, tools, and templates. Support materials are referenced and Black Belt certification problems are also available.

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  3. Data Classification

    Jul 17, 16 12:12 AM

    Proper data classification is necessary to select correct statistical tools

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Basic Statistics
Process Mapping
Capability Studies
Cause & Effect Matrix
Multivariate Analysis
Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
T Tests
1-Way Anova Test
Chi-Square Test
Correlation and Regression
Control Plan

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