Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Your" Page?

This feature offers a personalized web page for you to add your own comments, notes, reminders, and store files related to your Six Sigma project or studies.

Click here for additional information.

Does this website offer Lean, Green Belt, Black Belt, or Master Black Belt Certifications?

This site has an affiliate that offers training for and Six Sigma certifications

Can I purchase a DMAIC, DFSS, or LEAN slides through this site?

There are .pdf slides available to purchase and download for the topics shown on the right navigation bar.

Can I find templates and calculators related to Six Sigma and Lean?

These are available for a variety of topics from OEE, Takt Time, Loading, RTY, FMEA, SIPOC, and more. Click here to learn more.

Can I find job posting related to careers in Six Sigma?

There is a module related to Six Sigma careers hosted by an affiliate with active careers in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. This is available to subscribers. Click here to learn more about subscribing.

Are there example practice problems for aspiring White, Yellow, Green and Black Belts to help achieve certification?

These are >100 sample certification problems available to subscribers. 

Other notes:

This site is a continuous work in progress. We are regularly adding or updating material, some of which will be available to the public and some for subscribers.

Some of the pages are not yet completed and they are always being updated or modified based on your feedback or new information. Please review the site disclaimer.

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Six Sigma Modules

The following presentations are available to download

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Green Belt Program 1,000+ Slides
Basic Statistics
Process Mapping
Capability Studies
Cause & Effect Matrix
Multivariate Analysis
Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
T Tests
1-Way Anova Test
Chi-Square Test
Correlation and Regression
Control Plan